Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Enjoyed making these, especially eating them!

Ingredients: (A)130ml milk

1 teaspoon of instant yeast 1 (60gm) egg
(B)2 cups of high protein flour

1/4 cup of plain flour

1.5 tablespoons of custard powder

1 teaspoon of salt

3.5 tablespoons of caster sugar

25 gm butter
Method: 1. Dough: Mix ingredients A. Place ingredients B mix/blend together. Add ingredients A to ingredients B; blend well until soft dough. 2. Cover dough with a cloth, and let rise in a warm place, for 2 hours. Then place in refrigerator for about 30 minutes.3. Roll in sausages and shape into doughnuts. Place them on a tray with baking paper and leave them to prove for another 30 minutes.4. Deep fry the doughnut rings in preheated oil hot until golden on both sides.

Indian Tepee

What you need 4 drinking straws

Sticky tape

Pencils to colour in

Whole punch (if you do not have one, use scissors)

Cardboard for base

Email me for a template provided. Colour in as desired. Cut out. Cut out square base on card; punch a hole on each corner,this provides support for straws. Cut straws to 13.5cm in size.Place the straw one at a time into holes, when done jointhem in the middle, use a peg to hold them togetherwhile you tie string around the top. Place sticky tapeon the bottom to hold the straws sturdy.Then fold the tent on lines then around the tepee.


How to make mushrooms
What you needAluminium foilPlastic eggs the ones you use for Easter huntsPaint and paint brush
These are so easy to make and look so effective. My children loved making these. Slowly their fairygarden is coming together.
Divide the plastic eggs into two halves (You can make twomushrooms from one egg).Wrap aluminium foil around the half egg.Roll aluminium foil into a sausage this will be used for the stem,I made mine slightly longer; this allowed me to push the end intothe bottom of the egg, by doing this I did not need glue to attach.You may need a little more tin foil; squash it into the bottom(inside) of half egg to hold the stem all into place.Paint as desired.